Typical Projects


       The following is a partial list of projects that Mr. Bradley was responsible for.



        Develop design drawings and specifications; perform shop drawing review; conduct construction observations; witness final tests; and accomplish system commissioning for fire protection at a Winn Dixie Stores’ food distribution center. The project included two 300,000 gallon water storage tanks; fire pumps in two pump houses; over 2 miles of underground fire mains with associated fire hydrants; ESFR sprinkler systems in a 740,000 sq. ft. grocery warehouse; large drop sprinkler systems in a 400,000 sq. ft. perishable storage warehouse; preaction sprinkler systems in two 75,000 sq. ft. freezers and sprinkler systems in support buildings.








Medical Military Construction Program Facilities
Design and Construction Criteria
This handbook provides mandatory design and construction criteria for
facilities in the DoD Medical Military Construction Program.
Service-specific criteria may augment this handbook, but requirements that
exceed this guidance must be fully justified to ensure understanding by
the reviewing officials.

         Update and expand the fire protection chapter in MIL-HDBK-1191, “Design Criteria for Medical Facilities”.  The project included incorporating the requirements of the latest Life Safety Code and converting the document for utilization as a Tri-Service Manual for the construction or renovation of all Military Medical Facilities.


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         Provide Code Consulting to the design team for five historic building renovation projects; develop design criteria for roadway and landscape development to facilitate Fire Service Operations at new and existing buildings; Analyze fire protection water supply and distribution requirements; and conduct fire/life safety surveys and evaluations and develop prioritized recommendations in over 80 buildings.






         Develop design drawings and specifications; perform shop drawing review; conduct construction observations; witness final tests and accomplish system commissioning for fire protection at a Continental Express aircraft maintenance hangar.  The project included two 200,000 gallon water storage tanks four 2500 gpm fire pumps at a site pump house; underground fire mains; and fire alarm and detection systems and AFFF deluge sprinkler systems in the hangar facility.








 Provide Consulting to Life Trust Assisted Living Facilities in the Southeastern United States.  The effort included providing assistance in Building Code, Fire Code and Life Safety Code compliance.







         Provide Fire Protection Engineering and Consulting services to the United States General Services Administration for The Sunbelt Region (Region IV ). The services were provided over a 12 year period and included Code Consulting, the surveying of over 1400 Government owned or leased buildings; witnessing fire alarm testing in over 20 high rise Federal office buildings; performing system design; performing shop drawing reviews; and assisting in construction observation and building commissioning.






         Develop design drawings and specifications; perform shop drawing reviews; and conduct construction observations for the fire protection of the USS Cairo.  This historic gun boat is located in the Vicksburg MS National Park and was sunk by a torpedo (which is commonly referred to today as a mine) during the Civil War.  The protection scheme includes triple IR flame detection, linear heat (fire) detection, and deluge sprinkler systems supplied by a fire pump.


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